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Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

With Thinning Hair & Hair loss effecting over 1 in 2 males and females and is expected to grow. Its important that we treat our hair & scalp the same way as we would our skin. With this in mind we would like to introduce Nioxin into our salon with in salon treatments and a great range of home care available for all our guests.

So how does Nioxin Work?

Nioxin has taken a skin care approach to hair & scalp, It works in a 3 part system. Cleanse, Condition & Treat. It protects the hair against breakage and its all about creating strength and fullness. Nioxin creates a healthy scalp which in return will provide you with healthy hair. Enriched with Vitamins, Antioxidants. botanicals and purifying agents to help clean away Follicle clogging and environmental residues from the scalp skin, Leaving you feeling clean & refreshed.

We also offer an in salon Full Nioxin Experience using a camera that allows us to magnify your scalp up to 200 times. we can have an in depth look at your scalp which helps us to answer many questions as to why you are thinning or loosing hair. Ask Your stylist for more information.

Who is Nioxin Suited to?

Nioxin is a product that is great for all hair types with amazing results. Anybody can use this product unless you suffer with a medical scalp such as Psoriasis & eczema as the ingredients in some of the product can be uncomfortable if you have open cuts or sores. However if you suffer with a dry irritated and sensitive scalp you will love the results of Nioxin.

How can Nioxin Help if i am loosing Hair?

As Nioxin is all about creating strength, if you address your concern of loosing hair early enough these products will strengthen the hair and potentially keep that hair for future years to come. If you have an area of concern then ask your stylist about Hair Booster. This is a product made up of 10 Vitamins and will increase blood flow to the skin creating maximum strength to that area.

Please see our in salon therapies that are available to all our guests to give you a great kick start to thicker, fuller hair.

Whats even better, with all Nioxin Intro packs if you don’t feel any difference with your hair in just 30 days you can claim a full refund. That shows just how these products perform.